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VACHAN is a development organisation working for more than two decades, with the

tribal of Igatpuri and Triambakeshwar blocks of Nashik district in thestate of

Maharashtra. Nashik district primarily has farm based economy, half of its Blocks have are

predominantly tribal population.   VACHAN has beeninvolved in various programmes with

an aim to make a dent on poverty with an integrated approach. The programmes have

been in the realm of Primary Education,Primary Health, Livelihood and Governance.

VACHAN started with working in 20 villages and has now reached up to 60 villages. There

are studies, which categorically show that now poverty in India is concentrated in specific

pockets with associated common parameters. One of the common parameter in most of

these pockets is observed to be the fact that these are the tribal living in remote areas.

And hence the determination to continue working in such areas with grassroots

development programmes gets an edge of urgency.

About the People:

The population is widely spread with most of the villages has less than 400 households.

The main village has hamlets and the entire village is spread across the main village and

hamlets.   The area is hilly like Konkan region and experiences high rainfall. The tribals

inhabit the small hillocks. Mahadeo Koli and Thakar are the dominant tribes.The farmers

possess small patches of land on the hill slopes, and at the foot of the hills. The plot at

the foot of the hill is used to grow Paddy. The slightly higher patch of land is for hurasani

- an oil seed and the higher, very sloppy plots are used in rotation for Ragi - Finger millet.

Some of the villages are surrounded by Dam reservoirs of Vaitarna, Alwandi, Mukane

rivers. Inspite of this the agriculture is mainly rainfed. Average rainfall of the area is 3000

mm during June-September period.Recently we have worked with slum dwellers of

Malegaon mainly migrated population.